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What is "Paint Yoga"?

Paint Yoga is inspired by yoga class and Paint Night ( events. I want to bring the benefits of yoga and of social painting together. As a registered yoga teacher, I want to make a splash with my own unique approach to vinyasa practice, and I'd also like to offer the fun of group creation in a different kind of venu than the where paint night events are typically held.

What you can expect to find when you arrive at a Paint Yoga class are workstations which are set up with a low easel and canvas on the end of a yoga mat. Yoga blocks will be available to use as props, and I will provide each painter with 3 different size brushes, a cup of water for rinsing, primary color paints on a plate, and some paper towels. As the instructor, I will ask about your yoga and painting experience so I can be more available to those who need a bit more explanations while allowing those with more experience the freedom to explore freely.

I will have an example painting and I will give cues

to create a similar image, however you may wish to create something completely different, and that is encouraged. Working through the example composition, and your own unique piece are both ways of being present moment focused on a common task within our class, and both are equally valuable expressions of creativity. We're not here to judge "good" or "bad" artwork, but rather to be and do together, and have fun.

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