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2020 and beyond

This year is commonly being thrown under the bus as one of the worst in history. No doubt many families agree that this past year has shown them new meanings of loss and devastation that they never would have imagined. Even so, many of us do have a handful of blessings, and learning experiences to be grateful for in spite of the pantheon of political, pandemic, and other stressors we’ve been through in the past 12 months.

For example, even though it has been possible to video chat with people around the world for years, this is the first year we’ve had a family gathering for Christmas with my brother’s family on the other side of the country, but it was an obvious idea to contact them since we were doing the online thing with our families even nearby. Adam Ruins Work: No doubt the quick shift to work from home for millions of people has shown the slow to change workplace managers that they can save on brick and mortar expenses and still get the same or better productivity from their employees working from home on their own equipment.

I won’t say I’ve profited from the pandemic, even if I wasn’t already losing interest in it, social distancing has made Cuddle Party an obvious dead end for foreseeable times, but I’m grateful for the pause I’ve been afforded to reevaluate my plan. I’ve made a lot of progress plowing through the accretion of forgettable possessions that I’ve accumulated in my home over the years, really evaluating the work I want to do, and I created some decent video content. Please check out my seven chakra series on YouTube

In this past month, I have done a lot of refresher training and learning new software tools. You can see the results of my newly developed skills in the upcoming 2021 Paint Yoga video series. I plan to premiere a short video every Saturday Morning at 7:00 AM. I’ve already uploaded the episode for January 2nd, and I’m currently working on January 9.

Here are the ideas I plan to explore in the next year:

Jan 2 - What is Teaching Ithaca Wellness?

Jan 9 - Introducing textbooks, Goddess Matangi

Jan 16 - Dreams and moon phases

Jan 23 - Seasonal Affective influences and relief

Jan 30 - Modern science vs. sacred practice

Feb 6 - Leadership

Feb 13 - Consent

Feb 20 - Least effort, Noble truths, Socratic filter

Feb 27 - Goddess Ardhanari Complete union of opposites

Mar 6 - Goddess Kali, Suffrage

Mar 13 - St. Patrick

Mar 20 - Equinox

Mar 27 - pilgrimage

Apr 3 - Easter eggs

Apr 10 - Growth and personal evolution

Apr 17 - the water cycle and our interconnected biome

Apr 24 - Zodiac around the world

May 1 - May day Garden planting traditions and timing

May 8 - Mothers, Goddesses Tara

May 15 - Rainbows

May 22 - World subtle body systems

May 29 - What it means to memorialize

June 5 - Why do we call the end of a person’s education a commencement?

June 12 - The meaning of friendship through our life stages

June 19 - Juneteenth

June 26 - Solstice Midsummer

July 3 - Independence - interdependent ecosystems

July 10 - Pilgrimage cont. Vacations and traditions

July 17 - Natural diversity

June 24 - Figure proportions and body plans

June 31 - Naming and drawing/journaling productively about emotions

Aug 7 - Yoga anatomy of muscles and internal kinetics

Aug 14 - AVP community

Aug 21 - Eightfold path

Aug 28 - Conduct / Yamas Niyamas and commandments

Sept 4 - Back to school

Sept 11 - 911 (obviously)

Sept 18 - sharing stories about trauma and grounding

Sept 25 - Library wheel of fortune story about our one experience

Oct 2 - Colonization

Oct 9 - Privilege and entitlement

Oct 16 - How to be a good ally

Oct 23 - What is your character?

Oct 30 - Being yourself - the costumes we wear everyday

Nov 6 - How to remain at peace

Nov 13 - Daylight savings SAD

Nov 20 - Gratitude

Nov 27 - Holiday survival

Dec 4 - Generosity

Dec 11 - Yule

Dec 18 - Death and rebirth

Dec 25 - Capstone Christmas episode.

Please subscribe with notifications on YouTube so you won’t miss a single Saturday morning premier. I will do my best to be online available to answer your comments for the first showing of the weekly video as they premiere.

Even though it takes a lot of time each week to produce the content for YouTube, I will still be available for individual coaching sessions, so please reach out if you want to work together. I’m looking forward to a fantastic 2021 I hope you are too!

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