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Pausing, Stopping, and Beginning New.

Image from The Shakti Coloring Book by Ekabhumi Charels Ellik (click for link to purchase on Amazon)

Dear Readers,

Thank you for continuing to follow me. I hope that my new ventures will be a beacon for your personal transformations, whatever they may be.

Since we have been shut down state-wide and nationally for several weeks due to pandemic, I have had the time to pause, stop, and examine where we are, and the direction that I want my business and my life to go in; I'd been doing work with my car for cash-flow, even though I stopped having passengers in my vehicle, other opportunities for essential ways to drive presented -- delivery is something I am very experienced at, and contact free seems safe enough... but it's not in alignment with my callings... Cuddle Party gatherings are not in alignment with social distancing guidance for these times, even if my unresolved medical troubles permitted.

What I want to offer is peace and restorative space for you as well as personalized guidance through reflective listening, adult coloring, journal writing, and other tools. I will be demonstrating some of these tools and techniques live on in the near future, and I hope that you will be willing to engage me as a personal creative life-coach on your own transformative journeys!

Please reach out to me for your free video consultation call so we can discuss how I can meet your current needs in the present times.



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