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What does it mean to be listened?

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

Sometimes our lives get us overwhelmed, and there can be a lot of factors that contribute to feelings of ennui or generally unidentifiable disgruntlement. Sometimes we can become deeply attached to and even traumatized by the stories we tell ourselves about what's going on in our lives. To be listened allows one to hear the story they are believing in a different way than it might sound in the mind the way you might have told it to yourself. Some people have a tendency to perseverate over the various aspects of their unique stories and become emotionally triggered in a negative spiral. Having someone reflect back the story as they heard it automatically provides a new lense through which to see the situation.

All too often our loved ones are unavailable to listen to us, or they may think that they have heard that same trope before... or worse, become triggered by their own part in a long-held dynamic within the story you need to express. Frequently our best friends, partners, parents, children, and other supporters, don't have the knowledge and skills or tools to facilitate your expression and resolution of the stories that can sometimes weigh us down or distract from what you really want to experience.

Active listening is a tool that I use throughout my line of services. It is fundamental to connecting with a client's energy in a reiki or cuddling session or allowing a business client to hear their creative inspirations reflected. I listen to the experts who I feature in my cable access series.

I love to apply the active listening training I have through the Listening Workshop, which I have attended several times, Yoga Teacher training, meditation practice, as well as my academic studies of Communication, both for business strategies and marketing and interpersonal. Often it becomes easier for a person to hear the voice of their own higher self with the help of a coach who can listen and allow the space for you to hear your own words reflected back the way an experienced listener has heard you.

The image incorporated watercolors and sharpie marker in a stylized design
"Be Listened" poster created for Yoga Teacher Trainer's project

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