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Toga Yoga holiday offerings

On November 24th, 2018 at 3:00 PM, I'd like to offer you a relaxing painting experience with me in my home. We'll gather in my living room which will be cleared of furniture and set up with workstations where we will find our comfortable seat and begin with centering and orienting to the tools and materials and so forth. The physical aspects of the yoga we will practice are gentle and restorative in nature. I will prompt several opportunities to rest your painting hand and check in with your body. At the end, you will get to leave with a finished 12"x12" work of your own original art, and I'll clean up the mess!

You don't need any prior painting or yoga experience, come as you are :)

I'm also available by appointment for those who want a Toga Yoga afternoon nap delivered to their home or office? Imagine taking an extra hour at lunch to breathe and rest to soothing music with me without having to go out of the way to a crowded studio; I'll bring the mats, blankets and cushions to help you find deep relaxation, and then bring you back to work in a more focused and productive state. Individual or small groups enjoy the same low rate of $65/hr, or $50/hr for subscription of 6 or more sessions paid in advance.

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