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Tracking intention and seeing results!

Surely your results will vary - the following is a story about my personal experience today.

I've been working at setting up this business since the beginning of the year, but I'm not really fully functioning as in consistent revenues yet. I am highly organized, and I could even say that I embody a strong will and dedication to completing projects, but without clear deadlines and other accountability like a "real job" it can be difficult to feel as though things are being accomplished (especially lacking positive cash flow). So I've been intending to support myself with the professional cuddling services 1:1 through, and completing my facilitator's certification with

Changing up my routine for an out of town retreat workshop required for the Cuddle Party credential, and returning to a meditation practice that had been on hold a couple weeks, I felt inspired to renew my commitment to yoga practice by scheduling daily morning and evening sessions in nearby parks with myself. There are some conflicts where I give myself permission to skip one or both on a given day, but I feel hopeful that I'll be doing a lot more yoga than what I've been since the completion of my teacher training in April (which has really been very close to none).

The tracking of my intention came so clearly and so fast. Nearly as soon as I had made the mental commitment to my self-employment, a new social connection offered me a space to host Cuddle Parties. It's too soon to give the complete details now, but it's a space I am familiar with, so I know it will be an awesome venue. Noticing the results that may not seem directly related to the specific effort manifesting before my eyes! I am grateful to make the coincidences of life make meaning in the story I tell about it.


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