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The artwork of Paint Yoga

This set of 11x14" works were created by Alison Rawlins for testing a variety of fun ways to paint and stretch and have fun, then leaving with a work of art you can hang on your wall.
Paint yoga examples

Chief Inspiration Officer, Alison Rawlins, created this set of examples to use for your own inspiration. The goal is to relax and have fun! If you want to follow cues will be given, but you're in your own choice with if you follow a cue, or do your own thing.

For this set of paintings, the artist started with a pose and background in mind for each final composition at the start. The process for painting will be to get the background, allow to dry while getting in a stretch, then finishing the fine work of making a foreground.

These are the images that I used for inspiration of the final pieces
Canvases with inspirational image attached

Please feel free to bring your own inspirational material to reference during our practice. I will provide a mat, canvas, paints and brushes to borrow. I will give you primary colors and cue mixing colors for the work I am recreating, but as with any of the physical movements and postures, please feel free to mix it up!

In addition to recreational artistry following advansed artistic training during high school, Alison also created extensive artwork as part of the 200 hour yoga teacher training at yoga Farm in Lansing NY.

this image was actually taken before completion, and I changed the "epidermis" layer of the Western side to "integument." I actually wish I had taken better pictures of the final before sending it to live with one of the trainers to train her next class with!
RYT200 anatomy project cover

These are the muscles of the human body. painted kind of to scale, but not really for the parts which were images printed from Google and glued to the craft paper pages.
western anatomy muscles; anterior and posterior

this layer of the paper figure is pasted images printed off Google and yellow nerves made of yarn or paint with the vagus nerve being green arteries are pink marker and veins are blue highlighter
western nerves, arteries and organs

this is our mind body, the kosha of life and heart.
eastern manomaya kosha

the most central of astral bodies. this representation shows all the 72,000 nadis, or energy centers by way of the wrapping paper used as the back of this project.
eastern anandamaya kosha

Alison also participated in a summer watercolor class with Miriam Rice in 2017.

this is literally what you need to be painting. one of the initial images created in the Miram Rice class at CSMA, Beyond Realism.

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