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Paint Yoga in Washington Park August 18th 10 AM

Well, I was planning to give this a go at the Finger Lakes Yoga Festival, but that event was mysteriously canceled, so I've decided to continue the outdoor part of the plan and hold class in Washington Park Saturday, August 18th at 10AM to noon.

Events held at Ithaca's City property must be free and open to the public, but each canvas and bottle of paint has been paid for, so I request a donation of $25- per canvas. If you can't pay, I won't be turning anyone away though. I just want you to know the value of what you get in this class. I have an RYT200 yoga teacher credential, and I also have many years experience in painting on all kinds of surfaces; you can see some examples in previous blog posts.

The class will begin with a brief explanation of the materials I've supplied (you'll each get a plate for your paints and a cup of water with some brushes in it, and a canvas on a small easel to work with). Please message me if you will be needing to borrow one of my yoga mats - bring your own if you have one. Once we're all oriented to the supplies, I'll offer some breathing to attune us to working together and we can start mixing up our colors. I'll be working on a simple composition which you may choose to copy, but I invite you to let your own creative juices flow!

I generally begin with a background and then let that dry a bit before painting the foreground over it. there will be a brief interlude of asana practice between these stages. Once we've moved and stretched out our bodies, back to painting. At the end of our time together, I'll offer you a few moments to rest and integrate in savasana - that way your work can be dry enough to carry out of the park and display at home.

I hope to see all of you there! Book Now

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