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Embrace the Darkness

We are all haunted on one level or another by our past and future fears. Parts of ourselves that made mistakes, were harmed by others, things we want to move beyond, and can't quite seem to ever fully escape, fears of repeating the same patterns... Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung, called this dark part of ourselves "shadow" because it always follows, no matter how hard we try to supress or move beyond our discomfort.

Through a variety of education and life experience, I have designed the transformational program I call "Paint Yoga." As you'll likely know, "yoga" is an ancient Sanskrit word that essentially means a joining. There are many ways of joining, but our current, multi-billion-dollar, yoga industry seems to me as more focused on fitness and fashion than the esoteric joining to cosmic unity, to inner peace, and acceptance of your past, present, and future selves as whole and worthy, as I believe the ancient teachers, gurus, sages, intended.

I don't pretend to be a saint, I am not a guru, or sage myself, but I am a qualified guide and teacher. I can help you to embark on a brilliant journey of self exploration and acceptance through artwork, journaling, poetry and musical expressions. This yoga is different than the asana practice you may expect, but you can explore physical expression, dance, movement, etc. as an artform, eg. martial arts, as well as any other form of expression that facilitates your personal journey to explore and integrate those parts of yourself that you've worked so hard to suppress.

It's difficult for most people to accept that their "failures" as fortunate events, and many of us feel ashamed for things we "should" have done "better." Maybe you'll never accept that your wounds from trauma have given you great gifts, but I hope my newest project will help get you closer to integrating those broken pieces of yourself, you've relegated to the darkness for too long.

If anything in this blog post has struck a chord, please reach out via email,, or sign up for the free trial of my monthly subscription group:

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