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Bringing back the bling

It might have been made 10 years ago, but it still sparkles like new.

I recently had the pleasure of working with a new friend who I met in a spiritual study group, and we have found common ground in our love of gemstone healing. It's been so much fun to go through this old inventory that I haven't handled in about a decade with her to make some new listings on Ebay.

I hope to clear out the old to make room for my newer inspirations!

These wire wrapped pendants are just the tip of the iceberg of the inventory leftover from my beading obsession days. If you're interested in seeing anything in person, or commissioning bespoke work, I still have many many boxes of excellent quality gemstone beads and wires to choose from.

I'm also thinking of hosting a maker's party for the holiday season and creating tutorial videos.

Please stay tuned and comment with your support :)

And for more like this check out all my Ebay listings:

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