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Track That - honesty and vulnerability

One of my various teachers who I worked with in creating my video series, and with whom I've been working in groups which meet in his home, uses a tracking metaphor to make meaning of our lives. I've been working with him for about 18 month now, and it's always interesting to see what comes up.

I don't want to go into too much detail of what happened medically, behaviorally, familialpolitically, etc., but the archetype of the archangel, Michael specifically, has really spoken to me about saving my child and being more of an example of lawful good. I'm not a real fan of what's going on, but my general stance up to this point has been to gently encourage them to make better choices - am I being told to "put my foot down" so to speak?

I have been leading a relatively Michael free life for several years, then out of the blue, I have met with 3 men named Michael in the past week! The process of inquiry makes meaning and lends guidance to otherwise less interesting existence. In my own circumstance I see wisdom in the words I found when I looked into the meaning of Archangel Michael, because of the significance of a specific Michael, then I felt the guidance was reaffirmed when 2 Michaels attended a recent gathering!

It doesn't matter who they are, what matters is tracking the confirmation that I had "Heard" that what is for me in this moment is the archetype of this name, not just the specific person, and meeting 2 more in one day couldn't be more of an obvious "Sign!" that it was nail-on-the-head worthy, WOW! I heard you.

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