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Updated: Jul 25, 2018

I just completed the in-person portion of my Cuddle Party facilitator training, and I'm excited for the various events coming over the next couple of months: I'll be tabling at the Community Awareness Resource Engagement Service (CARES) area talking about affirmative consent, assisting with costuming for the Happiness Parade, and also collecting footage for my video project at Grassroots July 19th -22.

click for Grassroots workshop schedule

Next, I intend to begin filming one wellness expert per week beginning the week following the festival on July 23-26th, and continue filming through October 2018 for the spring 2019 series of Teaching Ithaca Wellness to be released in January. if you have a wellness practice you'd like to be featured on, and Ithaca's cable access channel 13 next spring, please sign up here:

I have two practice Cuddle Party events scheduled in August. I will be selling tickets to these pre certification parties that are happening in my private home for a 60% discount over the suggested Cuddle Party ticket price of $25. For just $10 you get to participate in the Welcome Circle, exercises, and freestyle cuddling, enjoy some snacks and conversation, etc. In exchange for the discount, I need your help with feedback surveys which will help improve my performance and get certified, which will allow me to have my future events posted to the website.

Saturday, August 11th from 6-9:30 PM - tickets:

Saturday August 25th from 4-7:30 PM - tickets:

Click image for tickets to 8/11 Cuddle Party


Next up I intend to offer a couple of workshops during the Finger Lakes Yoga Festival in Savona, NY on August 16 through 19th. I am hoping to lead a partner yoga which focuses on silently listening to each partner through the sensation of touch and body language. I also would like to offer the first Paint Yoga group session. I supply paints and brushes, easels, and canvases. I'm not on the schedule yet, but I've checked in with the organizer, and I figure I'll just bring my mats and supplies and the timing will work itself out closer to the event. I hope that you will join me in camping and enjoying the bucolic setting and variety of yogic activity.


***Update*** this event is CANCELLED

I am hoping to get another practice Cuddle Party scheduled in early September which may be a collaboration in a space other than my personal home...

Please mark your calendars for the Finger Lakes Health Fair on Saturday, September 22. I will be offering reiki, and I hope to film some other practitioners and/or testimonials as well as offer a 50 minute workshop on consent or partnered stretching/energy manipulation.

click image for the health fair website

Happy summer!

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