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August Cuddle Parties - be there!

Two Cuddly Party events are happening in Ithaca NY August 2018!

Cuddle Party Facilitator in training, Alison Rawlins has completed the Foundations of Facilitation training online and in person at HeartSong Sanctuary in New York's picturesque Hudson Valley, and is excited to share her more polished facilitation skills with all the courageous cuddlers!

Cuddle Party may sound like a bit of silly fun to some, but to others the thought of such intimate interaction is terrifying. The Welcome Circle (workshop bit of the event) introduces a set of rules by which we can practice affirmative consent seeking. Our practice allows us to detach from all the fear and shame that some of us associate with getting "no" for an answer, and replace it with gratitude.

No. You won't be forced to cuddle anyone. No. You don't have to explain further. "No" is a complete sentence. "No" provides useful information - who wants to hold and caress a body that isn't into it?! "No" to something you don't care for is "YES" to your freedom, comfort, and JOY! Thank you for saying "no"!

We also get to say "yes" at a Cuddle Party, so say "YES" to the kid inside of you who's curious about spending a Saturday evening with a bunch of pajama clad adults talking about consent and exploring our desires for non-romantic touch exchanges in a safe, refereed, and well padded home.

Saturday, August 11th from 6-9:30 PM - tickets:

Saturday August 25th from 4-7:30 PM - tickets:

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