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Today's the day!

Today's the day of another Cuddle Party!

Cuddle Party is a bit different than a Cuddlist session, but also the same. Both services are about being present to the present moment and enjoying platonic touch in a safe, consensual environment. Where I mentioned in yesterday's post that in a Cuddlist situation I'm typically open to what a client asks for unless it would violate the Code of Conduct or makes me physically uncomfortable, Cuddle Party is as much about being in touch with your desire in answering the request as it is in bringing out the words to ask for it.

Unfortunately arguments against consent seeking are pervasive, especially in the culture of privilege. I do hope to bring Cuddle Party conversations to the Greek system locally, but I think everyone can benefit from practicing how we accept "no." I do spend a lot of time going over taking "no" seriously as a complete sentence, and moving on with grace, but I also will talk about how to say "no" without thinking you have to explain yourself.

Not only is the content really important curriculum that I hope will help heal some of our gendered rifts in the cultural environment, but also allow us to connect on a level that we are so often missing in the age of technological ubiquity! People need to connect in person, and we need to take a minute now and again to turn off our cell phones and just be with each other. There is this wonderful neurotransmitter hormone of connection called oxytocin which we generate during these times of face to face bonding. It reinforces trust and makes us feel safe which is why getting your regular dose of cuddles is so important to combat the adrenal fatigue of the daily grind!

Please let me know right away if you're coming to the Cuddle Party at my home today, October 7th from 3-6:30 PM in Ithaca -­. If you can't make it, I hope you'll be able to take a drive out to Three Cedars Farmstead on Saturday, October 27th from 6-9:15 PM;­ The foliage promises to be peak, so please come out for the colors as well as the cuddles!

Then to help us ease into the lack of daylight by huddling together, we'll gather at the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Syracuse from 2-5:00 PM -­

Due to the holiday schedule, the next opportunity for group cuddles and conversation about consent and sharing platonic affection will likely be in early 2019.

Also, Happy Birthday to Alison!!! As a birthday gift to you, book your first 1:1 Cuddlist session with Alison in October via­ for half price. If you've attended a Cuddle Party facilitated by Alison, we can skip the screening call (which is free anyway and is merely an opportunity for both of us to be clear in our "HELL YES" about working together), but if you're interested and we haven't met, please start at­ where you can learn more about me, and fill out a brief questionnaire, then I'll contact you about the pre-cuddle chat.

Hope to see, hear, and touch you soon!


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