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Teaching Ithaca Wellness - the Movie, and 2019 ongoing series

This original painting was created for the video series using techniques taught by Miriam Rice at CSMA Ithaca. The image represents the earth floating in aether space with an enormous tree of life growing from the continent of asia which represents the letter "T" in the title, Teaching Ithaca Wellness. The physical dimensions are 18 x 24".
Watercolor logo for Teaching Ithaca Wellness video project created by Alison Rawlins July 2017

Tomorrow evening, June 19th, 2018 at 7:30PM, the one night only event showing of Teaching Ithaca Wellness - the Movie will take place at our local community theater, Cinemapolis. Please buy a ticket at

Following the ~80 minute feature, I will be available in the theater to answer questions about the film and the wellness experts featured as well as to distribute souvenir BPA free water bottles and sign up new talent for next season.

I was inspired to create this project after a variety of discussions which I participated in during a 4 day spiritual retreat about one year ago. My beloved cat, Bo Bo, had just passed on, and I wanted to get into, as Rumi would say, a huge foolish project like Noah, to soothe my loss. I wanted to share a message of hope to those who are afraid and angry over the dismantling of the nascent protections Americans had gained under Obama against medical bankruptcy. I wanted to show the alternative side of the system which is typically not paid for by insurance, let alone affordable care programs. And I wanted to highlight the personal choices that we all make on a daily basis that have huge impacts on the quality of our own experience.

You can view the full series of half-hour episodes, and the promos that I created for the cablecast through the local cable access studio, PEGASYS, on my YouTube channel, I also have created several guided meditations which are also featured on the channel.

Some goals I hope to achieve in the next season are that; I'd like to have more people involved in the storyboarding and editing of the material collected in interviews and demonstrations with practitioners, I'd like to feature more healers of color in the series, I'd like to include festival footage interviewing practitioners in the healing arts area at Grassroots,, that I will be talking about affirmative consent at the CARES tent, and at the Finger Lakes Health Fair,, where I will be providing reiki at this fall.

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